Our small class sizes, graded levels and competency based curriculum provide students with optimal conditions to progress in our swimming lessons.

Our class levels range from mums and bubs (level one) through to squads (level nine) and our student to instructor ratio ranges from 4 to 1 in learn to swim to 10 to 1 in squads and mums & bubs.

Private lessons are available in 30 minute or 60 minute timeslots for ten week terms. School Holiday intensives run morning and afternoons for one to two weeks of the school holidays and are the same levels and class sizes as regular Learn to Swim.

Our term based lessons run for ten weeks with the Public School terms. In week 8 of each term we evaluate each student against the documented competencies for their level. A certificate is issued identifying the competencies achieved and a brief meeting is held with each parent/guardian to discuss their child’s progress.

Week 5 is priority rebooking week for students currently enrolled. Week 10 is safety week, where the lesson focuses on water safety and emergency survival skills. At the beginning of week 10, any vacant positions for the following term are made available for new bookings.

See ENROLLING for details.

Below is a brief description of each of the Learn to Swim levels:


Level 1: Aqua Babies

This is a beginner level baby class with students aged between 6-12 months of age. In this level, babies are learning to be happy and confident with a parent or guardian in the water. Lessons are fun and light hearted, which involve songs and games for enjoyment. Parents will also learn the fundamentals to ensure a happy and safe water experience.                                   


Level 2: Aqua Tots

This is an intermediate infant class for children aged 13 months to 2 years of age. Children are developing better breath control to prepare for submersion. They are also learning better technique through maximum practice time and maximum manipulation. A parent or guardian is still in the water to promote an exceptional bonding experience.


Level 3: Platypus

This level is for children between 2 and 4 years of age, and is the first level where a parent or guardian is not in the water with their child. These children may have had no previous water exposure or may be straight out of a Tots environment. Children should build confidence and will become happier to be in the water. Children will develop their kicking, paddling and buoyancy skills, as well as start to learn about water safety skills.


Level 4: Goldfish

This level is developed to get your child ready for our learn to swim program. Your child should be completely independent in the water and be comfortable and confident at all times. This level is for children between the ages of 3 and 6. In this level your children will develop already learnt skills and build on them to promote better technique.


Level 5: Seamonkey

This is a developmental level in our stroke correction program. In order to be placed in this level, students should be swimming independently and should be able to already do 'big circle arms'. This class is suitable for children from 6 years of age or those who have completed the seahorse level. Students are developing their freestyle, incorporating big arms and side breathing as well as developing their backstroke technique.


Level 6: Turtle

This level in our stroke correction program develops freestyle and backstroke skills further and allows students to swim greater distances. Students will also be introduced to basic breaststroke technique, as well as furthering their water safety. Students should be able to swim freestyle and backstroke independently, using correct technique.


Level 7: Tadpole

This level in our stroke correction program builds on already learnt skills to promote students to swim 25 meters. Students should be competent in freestyle and backstroke, whilst building on their breaststroke technique and dolphin kicking.


Level 8: Frog

This level is the most advanced level in our stroke correction program. Students should be competent in their freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke techniques. Some strength and endurance work will be introduced in this level, in order to get the students ready for our squad prep level.


Level 9: Stingray (Squad Prep)

This is our squad preparation level. Children should be technically sound in their freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke and they will be able to develop a basic butterfly technique. This level will increase their stamina and fitness and prepare them for our squad levels. Students will swim continual lengths of the pool.


Mini Squad 1

This is our beginner squad level, these students should be fairly competent in all strokes but may still need minor correction of technique. Butterfly technique will become stronger in this level. Students will be working on their strength and endurance, and be expected to swim greater distances. The class duration is 45 minutes.


Mini Squad 2

This is our intermediate squad level. Whilst strength and endurance will still be worked on, elements of speed will be introduced. Students will be able to experience in and out of water training techniques to better their swimming ability. The class duration is 45 minutes.


High Squad

This is our advanced squad level. Students will continue to work on all strokes. Strength, endurance and speed drills will continue to develop as students become better swimmers. The class duration is 1 hour.


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