• How do I know what level to book my child into?

Our reception staff are trained to provide you with the best service possible. This includes being able to assess (based on asking you specific questions) what level your child would be best suited to.


  • How do I make a booking?

First/new enrolments can be made through our reception, either in person or over the phone by calling us on 6331 4344. Enrolments can be made even after term has started so please don’t think you’ve left it too late.
We will ask you some simple questions in regards to your child’s swimming ability (to assess the best level for them) and find a day and time to suit you.


  • What if I’m already a swim school member?

You can RE-ENROL with our convenient ONLINE BOOKING just by clicking the link on the ENROLMENTS page and following the steps. All you need is your family surname (in which your profile is set up under) and your current email address that we have on file.
If preferred you can still re-enrol at reception, either in person or over the phone by calling us on 6331 4344.


  • Do I need to come into Cityfit to make a booking?

No. New bookings can be made and paid for by credit card over the phone, however an Enrolment Form must be completed at Cityfit for all new bookings. This is preferably done in person at the time of booking, alternatively the Enrolment Form can be completed at a later date at Cityfit prior to the commencement of lessons. New students cannot participate in lessons until the Enrolment Form is completed.
Existing Swim School members can rebook online, by phone 6331 4344 or in person.


  • What are your payment options?

Swimming lessons can be paid for in full up front or by weekly direct debit.


  • How long do I commit for?

You are only committed for the term in which you have booked.


  • Am I locked into a contract?

Only the current term. Our terms are 10 weeks, however you may have booked in after the term has started so this will be for the remainder of lessons in the term. Both prepaid and direct debit students are only committed to the current term. 


  • What if I can’t make it to a lesson?

Make-up sessions are not offered within our program.
We do not believe they add value as a child being placed with a new Instructor and class mates on a one off basis is both disruptive to this child and the existing students. We believe the policies we have adopted are in the best interests of all the children and the continuity of the school.

Our policy for Learn to Swim
We will only issue a missed lesson swim pass on the presentation of a medical certificate. Swim passes entitle the student and accompanying adult to a swim in their own time.
Swim passes are not provided for missed lessons due to school commitments, family commitments, forgotten lessons or holidays.
Once term has commenced, swim school bookings are non-refundable.

Our policy for private lessons
We will provide a 50% credit of the paid fee provided a minimum of 24 hours notice is given and a medical certificate is provided. The credit can be transferred to a private lesson in the following term only.
Once term has commenced, private lesson bookings are not refundable.


  • What do I need to do on my first lesson?

At the time of booking a Swim School Membership Card will be issued to each family. This card is barcoded and is unique to the family’s membership profile. Each child in the family can be linked to the one card. This must be presented at reception prior to every lesson to record attendance.

If you are unsure of where your lesson is being held down in the pool or who your instructor is, ask our reception staff who will guide you in the right direction.


  • Do I need to stay at Cityfit while my child is in their lesson?

No. You do need to drop your child directly to their lesson and be there to pick them up once it has finished.


  • Can my child swim before or after the lesson?

For the benefit of your child we do not allow Swim School students to swim before their lessons. We do not believe this allows them to perform at their best during their lesson.
Suitably skilled students may practise swim in shallow lanes 1 & 2 for up to 30 minutes after their lessons.

This can only take place when your child is under DIRECT and ACTIVE parental supervision.
Under no circumstances are swim school students to swim in other areas of the pool as these are reserved for lessons and lap swimmers.


  • At what age should my child begin swimming lessons?

AUSTSWIM recommends that infants begin learn to swim programs at six months of age. Research shows that children under the age of one year accept the water more readily and are less likely to have developed a fear or phobia of the water. Before the age of six months children can be introduced to water play in the home at bath time.


  • How quickly will my child learn?

Every child is different and therefore learning to swim is different for every student. It is important to recognise that learn to swim is a long-term process. Attending regular swimming lessons is the optimum way to both retain and build on existing skills. Holiday Intensives are also an effective way of accelerating the development of swimming skills.


  • When do the lessons run?

Lessons run Monday to Friday afternoons and Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings.


  • How long do lessons go for?

Learn to Swim and Mums and Bubs classes run for 30 minutes and Squad lessons run for 45 minutes.


If you have any further questions, just CONTACT US!



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