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Hamish & Lucy Gillen

When Hamish and Lucy started with me, they both lacked confidence. Hamish has improved out of sight, going from being a child that didn't want to go under the water to now pushing himself towards swimming 25M of freestyle, diving for toys and jumping in the pool.

Lucy has improved greatly too! Lucy was very hesitant to do things independently. Lucy has now jumped that hurdle, is learning her freestyle and is very independent in the pool. I am so proud of you both, and I can't wait to see how you can improve in the upcoming terms. ~ Renee (instructor)


SWIMMER OF THE TERM - Term 4, 2017

Shylah Bracken

Working with reluctant swimmers can be a testing time for parents and instructors, but with persistence and encouragement, it is possible to see a child transform into a happy and confident swimmer. Shylah Bracken is living proof of this!

Over the last few terms, Jess has been working with Shylah and has seen tremendous improvement, with Shylah now paddling 15 meters by herself and confidently jumping into the pool. Success stories like this make us very proud, not only of our students, but of our professional and experienced staff and their supportive parents. We look forward to seeing Shylah rocket ahead with her swimming now!


SWIMMER OF THE TERM - Term 3, 2017

Josh Wotton

Josh has been swimming with Cityfit Swim School for just two terms. In this time, Josh's teacher Anneke has helped to develop his skills at an amazing rate. Initially swimming 13 metres of freestyle with assistance, Josh can now swim 25 metres of freestyle and backstroke, both independently, and is currently working on his breaststroke kick.

Josh is also mastering survival skills, and can tread water for 60 seconds, which is remarkable. Josh has every reason to be proud of himself, as Anneke and the team at Cityfit are.



Brodie Scrimshaw

Brodie currently swims on a Saturday morning with Mairead. He started the term doing two-arm freestyle with the kickboard for half the length of the pool. Mairead is very excited and proud that he can now swim a whole lap of freestyle unassisted, and he successfully completed the I SWAM MY FIRST 25M AWARDS night. Well done Brodie, we can’t wait to see what you can achieve next term.

A special mention to Mitchell Riini, who once again got nominated for swimmer of the term by Kayla. Keep up the great work Mitchell, we are very proud of you.




Stephanie Wilson

Steph has gone from strength to strength - she has been swimming with Renee for a while now and was always very unsure of her own ability, even though everyone else could see it. She moved into my beginner squad this term and decided to give her school swimming carnival a go. She exceeded her own expectations and progressed right through to the Western carnival. Her confidence has blossomed and I am so very proud of her and can't wait for what the next 12 months has to offer.

Mitchell Riini

Mitchell's confidence in the water has sky rocketed. At the start he was unable to do full laps without help, having now progressed to swimming with confidence without any assistance. Kayla is very proud of how far he has come, and can't wait to see his progression in the next few terms.




Chloe was very timid at the start of the term when it came to the water, she was unsure of her limits and what she was capable of. "At the start of term she would not let me let go of her" says Kayla. "Now she is very confident!" Every week she has improved and her confidence has sky rocketed. Kayla is extremely proud of how far Chloe has come and can't wait for what future lessons will bring.


Aaron has been swimming with Renee twice a week for the past few terms. His confidence has come along by leaps and bounds. Renee said "when I first started with Aaron he was very unsure of his ability, he didn't like getting his face and hair wet, was uncomfortable on his back and would very rarely try things on his own." Renee is very pleased that Aaron now floats and kicks on his back unaided, he can swim 25 meters adapted freestyle, and is working hard on his backstroke.


Winona started the term being frightened of the water and she didn't have much confidence at all. Now she is like a mermaid in the water and it's hard to get her out. She went from being scared to being able to swim more than half a lap of backstroke all by herself. Winona can also swim freestyle aided for 13m. Awesome swimming Winona, Anneke is very proud!! :)


Logan has improved greatly this term, not only has his swimming improved, but his attitude towards his swimming has also changed as he is now excited to give anything a go and Courtney is so very proud of him! His Freestyle has improved greatly from a doggy paddle to correct bubble bubble breathe technique and his kicking is incredible! As Logan continues to enjoy his swimming Courtney enjoys seeing his improvement week to week. Logan has been a great student and he should be very proud of his swimming achievements this term.




Max is a part of Kate's advanced squad, "he has put in a huge amount of effort this term along with every other" says Kate. He is learning more and more about each stroke style and technique to improve his pace in the pool. "Max is a great influence on other students as he knuckles down in each swimming task I give him." Well done Max!



Ryan has been swimming with Emily for almost a year now. "The past few terms we have worked really hard to correct his kicking and this term he has finally picked it up!" Ryan has been continually working hard on both his freestyle and backstroke arms to combine with his kicking and now it's all coming together. He is now able to complete his freestyle and backstroke independently. Well done Ryan.



Ryan's teacher Anneke is extremely proud of his efforts this term. In the beginning he required full support, but by assessment week, Ryan swam by himself! He did 2 laps of freestyle with the board and didn’t stop once. "He can also swim 25 metres of backstroke all by himself" she said. What a great transformation within just 8 weeks.

The staff at Cityfit would like to congratulate you and commend you on your
hard work and dedication, we can't wait to see your progress in the future.





Ryder is currently in Seahorse4 level. His instructor Kate said "Ryder was reluctant to put his face in the water and blow bubbles and never wanted to dive in from the wall by himself." We are very pleased to announce that Ryder is now consistently doing these things, and more. Kate is a very proud instructor, well done Ryder!


Jackson who is currently in a Crayfish5 level, has worked extremely hard to correct his freestyle and backstroke this term. His instructor Emily said she is "very proud of Jackson, as he has come a long way this term with both his skill and confidence." Jackson can now swim 25m backstroke, half a lap of breaststroke and almost 25m of freestyle. "He has worked really hard to combine his arm and leg motion in breaststroke too" she added.

The staff at Cityfit would like to congratulate both of you on your determination and hard work, and we look forward to hearing about your future successes in the pool. Well done!



Emily Collins

Cityfit Swim School Instructor Renee Aberley has had Emily Collins in her Octopus class for the past two terms and is delighted to see her named as our Swimmer of the Term.

"Emily started with me with very little confidence and was insecure about being in the water. She could dog paddle half the length of the pool, but only if I would let her keep her face out of the water," said Renee.

"She disliked being on her back and hated the thought of putting her face in the water," added Renee. But that has now all changed!!!! Emily is now excited to come swimming, she floats by herself, kicks on her back unassisted and without a board and she now swims with her entire face in the water!

"Emily is now learning her freestyle and backstroke arms. I am incredibly proud of her," Renee said.

(Emily is pictured with her instructor Renee)






Georgie has really stepped it up this term perfecting butterfly kicks and well on her way now to perfecting the whole stroke. Georgie is now killing it at Breastroke as well. She is swimming 100m (sometimes more) without any trouble and does not slack off at anytime. She is always willing to listen and is always asking questions to try and better herself. Well done Georgie :)

Georgie is pictured with instructor Kate


Previously Beau was quite timid when I came to swimming and going under the water, lacking the confidence to put his eyes, ears or mouth anywhere near the water and he wouldn't swim without me holding him. This term Beau has had an incredible turn around, he confidently swims with his eyes down in the water both with and without the assistance of the noodle, he can float on his back with his ears in the water unassisted and loves more than anything to jack in the box under the water to see if he can touch the bottom of the pool! Well done Beau!

Beau is pictured with instructor Emily


Lacey started off the term still not being confident in her swimming skills and wouldn't do anything on her own. Midway through the term she completed a whole lap of freestyle with a kick board and then returned doing backstroke. She can now also swim one quarter of the pool freestyle without the kick board and half the pool in back stroke without assistance. She is like a little mermaid in the water! What an awesome job! Now Lacey is doing laps every lesson and is still improving. I'm so proud of her! Great work Lacey :)

Lacey is pictured with instructor Anneke





At the start of the term Riley refused to put his face, ears or hair anywhere near the water and insisted that I hold him when we completed activities on his back. Riley can now blow bubbles with his whole face in the water, retrieve sinky toys from under the water as well as kick and float on his back completely unassisted! Well done Riley, massive improvement in just a couple of weeks! Click here to see how well Riley swims now (link video FB). Riley is pictured with instructor Emily


Cityfit Swim School instructor Kate said, "Georgie was nervous to get into the water for a few weeks because she thought that she had to swim like the older children with her head under the water and by herself." Georgie and Kate then spent a lesson sitting on the side of the pool splashing around and at the end of that lesson she was keen to hop in. Georgie is now kicking in the water, blowing bubbles, doing big arms and putting her head under. We are so proud of Georgie's improvement. Keep up the great work
Georgie (right) is pictured with her sister Millie




Siobhan Newton

Siobhan first started with Cityfit Swim School in Term Four, 2014. Her mum enrolled her in lessons so she would be safe from the water dangers at the property where they lived. Siobhan returned Term Two this year more determined than ever! Siobhan has just turned 6, she can swim 25m backstroke, 25m of breaststroke kicks and 25m of assisted freestyle. Her instructor Sam has no doubts she will be going solo by the end of the term. "When it comes to children learning to swim, it's all about attitude - and Siobhan's is fantastic!", said Sam. With Siobhan anything goes, any goal is achievable and everything is worth a try. Awesome work Siobhan! (Siobhan is pictured with her instructor Sam)

Hallie McDonald

Hallie has been swimming with Cityfit for just over 12 months now. At the beginning of term 2 she wouldn't put her face in the water at all. She has recently overcame her fear of going under water and is now doing rockets and diving out for sinky toys on the bottom of the pool with no problems at all. So proud of her :)
(Hallie is pictured with her instructor Anneke)




Pepper Jacques

Pepper has been swimming with Cityfit for several terms now, but in the last three terms she has cruised from a crayfish, to a stingray and is now in junior squad. Progressed three levels in 12 months! Getting so much better every term! She puts in so much effort every lesson. Well done Pepper!

- Instructor: Jaylene


Olivia Lucas

Olivia came halfway through Term 3, very nervous in the water, would not swim without a noodle and would not put her face underneath the water. After the first two lessons, Olivia told her mum she never wanted to swim ever again! Eight lessons later, Olivia is now swimming over half the length of the pool with correct freestyle arms and correct breathing technique. Olivia floats on her back, rolls to recovery, completes backstroke unassisted and dives all the way to the bottom to retrieve toys. Olivia hates getting out of the pool at the end of the lesson and begs for another one! Keep up the great attitude and the hard work Olivia!

- Instructor: Rachel




Finn Latham

I've had Finn for just over a term now, and his confidence is growing more and more each lesson. Finn lacked confidence swimming unassisted and putting his face in the water, but this term he has shown an outstanding improvement! Finn can now paddle and kick unassisted with a noodle, whilst blowing bubbles, get sinky toys from under the water, kick with a board on his back unassisted and very recently, Starfish float all by himself for more than 10 seconds! Well done Finn!

- Instructor: Emily Lynch

Quade Waterford

Because he is awesome! and he screamed his little heart out for at least 3 terms and now he loves lessons. Always enthusiastic to get in first and laughs and has fun. He puts his head under! And for the first time paddles his ARMS. A massive step for Quade (and Rachel, and parents!). We love Quade! And he sits still on the seat!!

- Instructor: Rachel Fenwick

Ben McRoberts

I nominate Ben Roberts from my sea horse class on a Wednesday, that finally, after two terms touched the bottom of the pool and swam by himself for a couple of metres. This has been pretty challenging to get him to achieve.

- Instructor: Kate Gullifer




SWIMMER OF THE TERM - Term 2, 2014

Thomas Moad

Thomas has been chosen as our Swimmer of the Term for Term 2!

Thomas' swim school instructor Sam says "it doesn't matter what else is happening in the class around him, he's always attentive and keen to learn. This is reflected in his constant improvement in his stroke and distance he swims each lesson. What a legend!"



SWIMMER OF THE TERM - Term 1, 2014

Kate McDonald

"Kate and her sister have been terrified of the water all term, and freak out every week. Last week, Kate jumped in with a new attitude, had a go at everything. Sister cried and cried, but she was determined to paddle and float, etc. And she did it all without me holding her!!!!

~ Jaylene


SWIMMER OF THE TERM - Term 1, 2014

Isaiah Fulton

"Isaiah has been learning to swim with me for about a year now and he has come so far. When he first began, he was very timid and afraid of the water. He was afraid of putting his ears, face or head anywhere near the water and didn't have the confidence to dog paddle without assistance. Isaiah is now able to confidently put his face and ears in the water, float on his back unassisted, as well as swim great distances by himself.

This term Isaiah has been working hard on his bubble breathe arm and his backstroke which he can now swim small distances of these strokes on his own. Isaiah has also been working really hard on his diving and is able to dive unassisted on his knees from the side of the pool!

~ Emily


SWIMMER OF THE TERM - Term 4, 2013

Kiara Barnes

"Congratulations to Kiara! Kiara has been swimming with us since the beginning of 2012. When she first started she was very shy and lacked even the confidence to get her face wet. Now she is in the Dolphin squad (which is the highest level we currently hold at Cityfit). She impresses me with improvement every single lesson.
Well done Kiara."

- Dana (instructor)



SWIMMER OF THE TERM - Term 2, 2013

Wesley Adams

"Wesley has come a long way in the last two terms in my classes. Wes used to be quite fearful of the water and found it difficult to let go of me when participating in swimming lesson activities. Now, Wes comes to swimming with a grin on his face each week and gives everything a go. He happily puts his face in the water, swims doggy paddle on his own and floats on his back.  Keep up the good work Wes!”

- Mat (instructor)




SWIMMER OF THE TERM - Term 1, 2013

Regan Barnes

"Regan's confidence and swimming ability have excelled dramatically and I am so very proud of her! She has gone from being very timid to trying new things with a grin on her face. She can now swim to the bottom of the pool, do freestyle arms on her own, float on her back and dive from the side. This is a huge difference from the little girl who would once never leave the seat without a firm hold on my shirt, arm or hair."

- Ashleigh (instructor)



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